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eight count suburi

Each of the eight suburi begins in right hanmi with bokken at chudan/seigan.  Each of the suburi is done first from right hanmi then from left. The first part of each suburi differs, the second part is the same for each of the suburi.

First Part
  1. step back, cutting shomen
  2. step forward, cutting shomen
  3. tenkan, cutting up, tenkai (pivot 180 with feet in place, also "kaiten"), cutting shomen
  4. tenkai & step forward, cutting up, tenkai, cutting shomen
  5. step forward 270 degrees to left, blocking over head then cutting shomen (then right)
  6. draw rear/left foot even with front/right foot, pivot 90 degrees to right and draw right foot back, blocking over head, cutting shomen
  7. step irimi-tenkan blocking over head then cutting shomen
  8. turn left 90 degrees via tenshin, block overhead, cut shomen (n.b. from left hanmi turn right 90 degrees via tenshin)
    • Horii sensei - variation with suri-age instead of overhead block
Second Part
  • step forward with tsuki
  • tenkai, cutting shomen
Sandoval Sensei -- With steps 5 & 6 reversed from the order listed above.

The eight count suburi is demonstrated (tachi waza and suwari waza) under "Conditioning Exercises" on the 2nd kyu testing requirements dvd.